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Why limit happy to an hour when you can enjoy Thursday Club Manila’s Craft Beers and Cocktails anytime, anywhere.

Born from our passion for cocktails, we are committed to create unique drinks while providing our valued clients the experience to take the same ingredients that top bars use with our very own handcrafted Cocktail Kits.


The Thursday Club was founded in 2003. It was a gathering of friends after work for a couple of drinks or so, every Thursday. What started out as fun soon became a passion for all of us.

Thursday was the chosen day because one of our friends need to go home to San Pablo, Laguna on Fridays. Since then, we have been looking forward to drinking and appreciating the art of craft cocktails every Thursday night.

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Erwin is in charge of the Website, SEO, Shopping Cart requirements and Digital assets for The Thursday Club Manila.

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Junji is in charge of The Thursday Club's packaging design and Marketing assets.

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Patrick projects sales volumes and works with product development staff to provide customer and marketplace feedback. He also works on advertising and promotions; and maintains customer relations.

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