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A style rarely seen outside of Berlin, this style of beer is sour, tart and funky. Sours get their unique flavors from the special Lactobacillus bacteria which Lorenzo from BlackWhite Brewery use to ferment the beer for an extended period of time. The result is a lightly malted, delicately fruity and puckeringly sour beer with carbonation. Blackwhite Brewery did a fantastic brew on this batch!

It is traditionally served with raspberry or woodruff syrups to counteract that pucker. Woodruff syrups are herbal and make the beer green in color! You can also use simple syrup if you wish.

We use 15ml or a tablespoon of our simple syrup or Agave syrup (which is available at your local grocery) in our Berliner Weiss.

In a nutshell, this style of beer in unique! Enjoy it straight from the bottle or with a tad amount of syrup to balance the tartness. This is one of our favorite beers to drink anytime of the day.

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How to make your Simple Syrup

If you can boil water, you can definitely make simple syrup. The best thing about this is it can stay for 30 days inside your refrigerator at home as long as its sealed properly. This is the 1:1 ratio:


½ cup of sugar

½ cup of water

1. Add the sugar and water in your saucepan over medium heat

2. Stir until sugar is dissolved but do not boil. The consistency of this should be watery.

3. Let it cool and pour into a container and make sure to cover it before putting it in your ref.

4. You can use a tablespoon more or less in your Berliner Weiss Beer. Enjoy!

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