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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Here are some tips to enjoy your beer even more.

Avoid frosted glassware

How many times have we seen this? Frosted glassware being served with your beer in a restaurant or bar? It would feel good to hold a chilled glass but it can easily ruin your beer experience as well. The reason for this is that the glassware can take on the flavors of other items which are being stored in the same freezer. So if you have chicken or pork that has been occupying some space in your freezer for months, your glassware can absorb the flavor and pass it on to your beer. On another note, the ice that has formed inside your glass will definitely melt with your beer and therefore give you watered-down beer (almost the same as putting ice cubes on your beer)

Never serve it ice cold!

This is a common mistake among beer drinkers. Though it might be really refreshing to drink that ice cold below zero beer, your tongue can also absorb the coldness and would not be able to taste the beer that you are drinking. If you want to enjoy your beer’s aroma and flavors and all the nuances, keep it’s temperature at 7 degrees Celsius, though the ideal temperature for each beer style varies.

Drink it from a glass

By drinking it in a glass you will get to smell your beer and get it’s full flavor. Your beer experience will not be complete without smelling how great your beer is! So when you do start drinking from the bottle, you won’t be able to smell your beer.

Wash your glassware very well

The glassware takes a very important role in your beer journey and keeping it clean should be simple enough. If you can use a fragrance-free dish soap and a towel that does not have any fabric softener in it would be optimal. I use Dove unscented soap to wash my beer mugs and paper towels to dry it. The reason for this is I had an experience before that the mug that I was using had a smell of detergent and that absolutely ruined the beer experience for me.

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